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our story

We are a USATriathlon Youth & Junior Tri Club based in coastal Virginia, empowering kids to make healthy lifestyle choices through the sport of triathlon, with an emphasis on FUN!!
We believe that developing athletic skills builds confidence, patience, determination and grit — a powerful mix of essential ingredients that make up the awesome sauce that nourishes our super powers. We like to call it our Boom! Pow!


Discover Your Boom! Pow!

Be a part of the fastest growing sport in the United States — triathlon.

Our Vison:

Create a fun, safe, engaging environment in which young people can participate in a variety of activities and programs designed to train and develop the youth athlete and promote healthy lifestyles through the sport of triathlon and other multisport activities.

Our Mission:

We want not only to introduce kids to and educate them about the multisport lifestyle in a fun and engaging way, but also to empower them with the skills necessary to have a healthy and active life now which can evolve into a lifetime of health and happiness.

We want to help make Triathlon a lot more diverse and are focused on improving participation among kids, girls, minorities and other underrepresented populations.


1st Triathlon: Nations Triathlon Olympic Distance, 9/11/2011

1st Triathlon: Nations Triathlon Olympic Distance, 9/11/2011

1st Ironman Triathlon, North Carolina, 10/2016

1st Ironman Triathlon, North Carolina, 10/2016



Kim is a former high school teacher and Ironman finisher. She holds both USA Triathlon Level 1 and Youth & Junior coaching certifications. She started triathlon in 2011 and loves sharing her love of the sport with others. Her inspiration for starting a youth club came from teaching her own two kids, Juniper and Wyatt, about triathlon. When it comes to coaching kids, her approach is holistic — building not only a strong youth athlete, but also an athlete with strong character and values. She aims to help her athletes achieve their goals in a safe and encouraging environment. Kim is passionate about sharing the sport to under represented populations and works hard to eliminate common barriers to entry for those populations by partnering with organizations and grants.